Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sucked 3 Old Guys!!

I went to my local gloryhole spot to find all the holes had been boarded up. As I checked each stall, hoping one or two would still be open, I noticed an older guy standing in the hallway and staring at me. I looked back, nodded, and entered a booth, making sure to keep the door open. He came in right away and took out his dick. I sucked it and teased his balls for a few minutes until he rewarded me with a fat wad of old man cum. I gobbled it up, making sure to look up at him and open my mouth so he could see his sperm swirling around inside my slut mouth. I smiled, swallowed it, and cleaned him up.

After sucking off the old guy in my booth I decided to try my luck at the theater they have there. I paid my $6 bucks and entered. There was only one other guy in there, he had his cock out, so of course I took a seat next to him. I didn't waste any time, I leaned over and grabbed his cock. He didn't seem to mind, so I dropped to my knees and sucked him to completion. He rewarded me with a nice, thick, salty wad of cum. After servicing him, some other old guy came over and sat next to me with his cock out. It was obvious what he wanted, and since I never say "no" to cock, I went down on him and sucked out a nice load of man cum out of him too. I had to get back to work, so I left. Not bad, 3 loads total for the day.

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