Thursday, August 18, 2005

3 Anonomous Cumloads Down My Throat!

Sucked off one mexican guy and two white guys thru the gloryhole!

Hungry for cum again (what a surprise), I cruised into my local bookstore and went straight for the gloryholes. I stepped into a booth,looked thru the hole and saw a dark skinned mexican dude on the other side rubbing his dick and pinching his nipples. My first customer! I entered the booth and put in my dollar. About 45seconds later I had a big, uncut, clean mexican cock in front of my face. His balls were shaved nicely. I immediately took the whole length of his swolen cock all the way down my throat. God it felt good. I held his cock deep in the back of my throat as I tongued his balls with my tongue. I worked his cock, hands free, until I heard him moan. I knew it was almost time. My cock began to get hard thinking of this big mexican cock unloading his nasty sperm into my hungry mouth. I don't know what it is, but I'm rabidly addicted to sperm, and my dick knows it! I started working my big mexican mean even more, milking it, then suddenly he unloaded into my waiting mouth. It tasted soo good. Half way thru him unloading, I took his cock deep into my slut mouth so I could feel it shooting in the back of my throat. I love that. I cleaned him up and he left. The next two loads after that are a little blurry to tell you the truth. Usually after I get my first load, all I can think about is more sperm. They were nothing extraordinary, but it was hot sperm! I never saw their faces, and the booths were kind of dark. All I know is that I serviced two more anonomous cocks in some dark, dirty, bookstore and left with the taste of three different men on my breath, all in under 30minutes! What a filthy faggot I am!

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