Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I posted an ad on a popular hookup site... it read:


My door is unlocked, I am face down, ass up in the middle of my living room. Looking for hard cocks to come over and plow my ass. Hole is lubed, porn is playing, lights are dim. I don't care what you look like, just have a hard cock and be ready to dump a load."

My email box almost immediately started filling up with emails from horny top fuckers just looking for a hole to fuck. I replied with my address and directions to my house and spaced them about 45 minutes apart. I put on TIM's "What I Can't See 2", lubed my hole a bit more, shoved my dildo up my hole a few times just to make sure it was nice and lose, dimmed the lights, got on the floor, face-down-ass-up, burried my face in a pillow and just waited....

No more than 15 miniutes had passed when I heard my front door open and then close. I heard footsteps as my mystery cock made it's way to my living room. I was so excited, I began to tremble a little bit. "Oh fuck yeah", I heard him say as he took his place behind me on the floor. He must have just unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. I felt him shove his finger inside me and he asked, "any loads in there yet?". Not yet, I grunted back. He lubed his cock, spit on my hole, and shoved his cock inside me with just one thrust. He jammed it inside me hard and it kind of hurt a bit, but only for a second. He grabbed my hips and began fucking my ass like a dog in heat. "Fuck yeah, take this raw cock you fucking pig!" he said as he picked up the pace. I could tell he was about to shoot his load and he just fucked harder, slamming the full length of his cock inside me, balls deep. About a minute later he grabbed me hard, shoved his cock in and out of me and moaned, "oh fuck yeah slut here you go!" as he began to tremble and shake shooting the juice from his balls deep inside me. He quickly pulled his cock out, zipped up and left. I never took my head out of the pillow, never saw the guy, yet here I was with his load dripping out of me.


My mystery cock left, I repositioned myself a bit, ready for the next stranger that would enter my house and use my ass like a dumpster for cum. I reached back to feel my first guy's mess and boy was it sweet! He left a huge load inside me that was literally leaking out of my ass and dripping onto my balls! I tried to scoop and push as much back into my hole as possible. Gotta make sure the next cock has a nice slick spot to fuck. About 15mins later, I heard the door open again. He walked into the living room to find my head buried in a pillow, face down, ass up. My hole was totally exposed and completely wet with man seed. This guy took a minute, pulled his pants down, got up behind me and mounted me. He did not say one word the entire time. He unzipped, pressed his cock inside me, pumped like a madman, then shot his cum deep inside my belly. He zipped up and left.


This continued steady for another 3 hours. I counted six guys total that dropped by to unload. THANKS GUYS! I served as a nice warm place for any man to dump his sperm. A desperate fag so hungry for sperm, I don't even care who's filling my ass, as long as someone is! The hottest part was never seeing any of the guys who fucked me. In fact, I had no contact with them at all, except for feeling their cocks sliding in and out of my asshole. I completely submitted my ass to the internet. Basically, anyone with an internet connection, who might have stumbled upon my sex ad was welcome to breed me.


I think next time I will set up a hidden video camera so I can watch myself taking loads. After my ass was good and bread, and everyone who replied got a turn at my ass, I locked my door, pushed some cum out of my ass onto my hand and jerked my cock with their cum. I shot my wad 1/2 way across the room, smiled, and went to bed.



John said...

this post got me so hot, and that was brave of you to do. i don't think i could do that cause of all the diseases out there, but being taken from behind is something i enjoy. i have a blog too that i write adult stories, check it out if you want.

Seminal Experiences said...

Man you are awesome.