Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Topping a Mexican at the Gloryole

Now those that know I usually don't top, in fact I've probably had my cock inside 3 guy's asses ever. Well, today makes it 4. I went to the bookstore early this morning on my way to the office hoping to get a load up my butt. When I got there the place was empty except for a decent looking mexican guy. I entered a booth, and he entered the adjacent one. I motioned for him to put his cock through the hole, but he wasn't into that at all. Instead he pushed his ass up against the hole.

Now normally, that's me pressing my bare ass up against some crusty hole begging for raw cock, but just the idea that this guy was such a slut and desperate for loads made me very horny and my cock got hard immediately. I could totally relate with this guy. Well, my cock was hard, "why not?", I thought. I stood up and pushed my cock inside him. He adjusted a bit to take it all. I pumped him for a bit, I didn't last more than 45 seconds before I began filling his ass with my cum. I didn't even think about pulling out. hey, if he's got his bare ass pushed up against a hole, then he obviously doesn't care who or what dumps a load inside him. I mean, I never do, why should he? It was fucking hot, I pulled out slowly and watched my white creamy load slowly ooze out of his brown mexican fuck hole. I admired my handy work for a minute, zipped up and left.

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