Sunday, July 21, 2013

Car Cocksucker

I've been sucking loads out of strange men's cocks all night long. I've got another cumming over right now. I love standing on the street corner like a prostitute, late at night, waiting for men to pick me up, drive me around the corner and let me suck and drain their loads. I'm the neighborhood whore.

It's funny, I've sucked hundreds of strange men in a variety of public places but my heart still pounds like it's my first cock every time a car pulls up. I never know who's going to be behind the wheel and honestly, most of the time I get in the car I never look at the guy's face. I'm there for cock.

I just sucked my 6th stranger cock. I'm tired and going to bed.

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Candy Palmer said...

It's very transparent of you to put on such a blog. Pretty honest and vulgar too. I like its deviation from the norm. Sydney Escorts