Monday, July 15, 2013

"I love breeding you..."

The title of this post of what a stranger told me tonight as he was pumping his load into my raw ass as I was bent over in the park. I had already taken three loads tonight when I apparently encountered a regular. It was dark and I was bent over a tree, as usual, and load #4 was finishing unloading in my ass when cock #5 took his place. As usual, I never looked back, just spread my cheeks and settled back onto the next cock. As the guy was fucking me he said, "Man, I love breeding this hole".

"You've fucked me before?", I asked?
"Oh yeah, a few times...". he replied.

I was a little embarrassed because I had no clue who this guy was. Then I realized that I've been servicing so many cocks at this park that men are recognizing me, not for my face or my personality, men are recognizing my sloppy ass hole. My identity is no longer that of a person, but of a desperate fag cumdump that cruises gay parks letting strangers cum inside him.

It's so hot that I'm now a regular. Men don't know me as Rick, they know me as the boy who lets every man cum inside his butt. I wonder what my Dad would think if he knew men recognized me by my cummy ass hole? It feels nice knowing that I serve as a place for strangers to dump sperm into. I love not using condoms and going bareback was the best decision I have ever made. You're not a true slut unless you go bareback and I want the world to know that I'm a true slut.

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SissySlut said...

The men get to know the truly consistent and regular cumdump whores.

I've had guys comment on liking a new pair of stockings or panties when fucking me. Obviously having bred me in many of my booth whore outfits and dumped loads down my throat.

Others have used me long enough to comment that they like that I now take it raw in the ass all the time.

I've been giving out my email address to guys for a few months and have had some make use of my free pump n dump service.