Friday, July 19, 2013

What happened?

As I laid in my living room, naked, face down ass up, blindfolded, waiting for stranger #6 to come into my house, bareback my ass, cum in me, and leave me there, dripping loads like a piece of fuck meat, I wondered to myself.... What happened?

How did I become a cumdump? I went from a "straight" boy from a conservative, Republican household, to a no-load-refused fag that posts his address online and waits blindfolded for strangers to breed him.

It didn't happen overnight, it was definitely a slow progression.

Early Years

- When I was very young I discovered it felt good to put things into my asshole.

- When I was a teenager I had an older guy come over and fuck me on my parent's bed.
I loved the feeling so much of my ass filled up and the warmth of the man's cock as he slid into me. I noticed the way he touched me and groaned as he fucked my young hole. It turned me on so much to know I was making him feel so good. I remember asking him during and after if I was "doing it right". I wanted so much to please him and to make him feel as good as he was making my ass feel. I felt like he was doing me a favor by fucking me.

- A few years later I met a pervy daddy. He would arrange for men to come over and fuck me.
He would constantly tell me that I was gay, not bi-, and to just give in to my desires. He was old and I loved servicing him and his friends. I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I made him or his friends cum. Like I was a good boy. He constantly would encourage me to take raw dick but I was scared.

- Bathhouses
I started going to bathhouses when I was 18. i distinctly remember being naked in a gloryhole booth, servicing a big cock with disco blasting through the speakers and at that moment I said to myself, "I'm a fag and love cock". I continued going to bathhouses for many years. I'd get a room and lie face down ass up and let men fuck me. I guess that's where I fell in love with anon pump and dumps.

- Gloryholes
I started going to gloryholes when I was 16rs. Sometimes I would go 5x's a week. I was hooked and nothing was and is hotter to me. Often guys would bring me home and fuck me. Many times I left with multiple men and they all fucked me. I loved the idea that I could service so many cocks in a day and they were all anonymous. It was almost like a job. I treated the cocks as clients and always did my best to milk their loads. I'd come home from sucking cocks all night long, walk past my parents in the living room, and go into my room and fuck myself with a dildo all night long.

- Online
I was constantly cruising for cocks online and got fucked by tons of men and had many regulars that would have me over. I loved getting naked with old men ad pleasing them. I started a website and began trying to keep track of all the cocks I was servicing.

- Public Restrooms
I spent every lunch break sucking cocks in a busy downtown public restroom. I swallowed my very first load here and my addiction to cun started on that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. His cock was in my mouth and he started cumming. Instead of pulling away I said tro myself, "swallow it", and I did. And I loved it!

- Raw cock on cam
I met a dude in Vegas at a bookstore and we took a cab back to his hotel. He loaded his laptop and turned on his cam and proceeded to fuck me, bare, on camera. The idea that men were watching me really turned me on.

- First Load Up Ass
I specifically sought out a NEG bareback top that would give me a load. I went to his house and he had hardcore BB porn playing. I sucked him then he fucked my ass and asked "where do you want the load?", "In my ass!" i begged. He filled me up and I pushed it out onto my hand and ate it. It was the first bare load I ever took. I didn't take any loads for many years after that but I thought about it every time I jerked off.

My 20's

I basically continued sucking and getting fucked, but always safe, but almost always anon.

- Website
I actively maintained my website and loved getting mail from horny men who enjoyed reading about my slutty adventures.

- Cars
I did a lot of cruising and sucked a lot of dick in cars. I had a spot around the corner from my house where I'd blow countless men over the years.

- Black Cock
I got really into black cock. i LOVE big, fat black dicks. For awhile I tried to go black only but realized I loved cock too much and needed cock way more frequently than I could get from just black guys.

- Photos and Video
I got really into being photographed and video taped. I loved showing off for the camera and absolutely loved watching myself in action.

Laye 20's to Now

- First Anon Gloryhole Load
I'll never forget my first load. I planned it all day, douched my hole, lubed up and went to the gloryholes on a mission. Read all about it here. This is the day I went from a closeted bi- guy to a real cumdump whore. I remember when he came inside me I immediately started cumming uncontrollably.

- First Anon Black Load
I took my first black load through the gloryhole and I fell in love. From that point on I told myself I was always going to offer my raw ass to black men. From that point on, wherever I was, if I encountered a black cock, I'd bend over for it.

- Porn Theaters
I fell in love with the porn theater. I got fucked by so many men in that dirty, sleazy theater as horny men watched, encouraged, and waited their turn. The idea that I could get naked in a public place and horny men would fuck and seed my ass while people watched was a huge turn on. I love going to the dark theater and pleasing men. Read about my first time here. I eventually started bending over the couch in the back and taking on all cummers without ever turning around.

- My First Anon Pump 'n Dump
Since I already took anonymous loads at the gloryhole I figured the next step was to post my address online and have men come over and breed my ass. Read about my first Pump 'n Dump here. There's someting about waiting, face down ass up for a stranger who you have never met or even seen to enter your house and fuck your ass without a condom. It's a rush. Hearing the door creek open, the footsteps, and the belt unbuckle is almost addicting. You never know what you're going to get nor do you have any say. When you've invited strange men to your house and they're greeted by your naked asshole filled with sperm, you give up the right to call the shots.

- Parks
I started heavily cruising parks in search of cock. I eventually started wearing pants with the ass cut out of them so men could have easier access to my hole. These days I go to the park on average once a day, sometimes twice. All the men know me there and I'm known as the boy who lets anyone fuck him.

- No Load Refused
Today I'm a "no load refused" cumdump whore. I've taken hundreds upon hundreds of loads down my throat and up my butt. I've been fucked by homeless, old guys, trannys, fathers, sons, grandfathers, gays, straights, and bi-'s. I'll fuck anyone and let anyone cum inside me.


ScottHrnyDC said...

love hearing all about your downfall into becoming a cum slut. I would love to be a cumslut with you some day!

p7612 said...

You should post more pics of you being a cumslut.