Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pump 'n Dump Wednesday

I'm doing pump 'n dump today. I've posted a CL ad and a inviting men over to breed me anonymously. I'll update this as it happens.

Find me bent over and use my holes. I'll be bent over in my fuck-me-jeans waiting to service your cock. I'm 6' tall, 140lbs, blnd/blue, 6.5"cut, d/d free, hiv-, total submissive bottom. Can do anon where I never turn around to see you.
I'm not picky, just have a hard cock and like fucking bottom sluts. You must be HIV- and d/d free. Send cock pic for address.

Update 1 - 12:20pm

Random stranger just showed up, found me face down-ass-up in the middle of my living room. I never saw him but he fucked me hard and it hurt. He must have had a large cock. He fucked me relentlessly for about 5 mins until he blew his load in me.

Update 2 - 1:15pm

Another guy just bread me, no clue what he looked like or even how big he was. My hole is kinda numb from the first guy.

Update 3 - 2:00pm

Still giving up my hole to strangers that want it. This time an uncut Mexican came by and roughed up my cummy hole pretty good. He kept calling me a dirty bitch and a fucking faggot. All true and it felt good to be called those things as he bred my sloppy hole.

Update 4 - 2:30

Another top fucker contacted me but said he wanted to fuck me somewhere public while wearing my fuck-me jeans. We arranged to meet at a local public restroom. I waited in the stall, door unlocked and bent over. I heard the door open, then shut, and latch. I heard him unbuckle his pants then I was rewarded by the warmth of his cock head pushing against my wrecked and gaping hole. I pushed back on it as I moaned "mmmmmmm". He used me, dumped his load in me, and left. Yum.

Update 5 - 3:00pm

Went up to the park with 4 loads in me, still, wearing my fuck-me jeans. I found a nice spot and bent over waiting for men. I got two guys to fuck me, neither really special or memorable. In fact, I didn't even really feel them. Oh well, I know they came in me and that's all that matters.

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SissySlut said...

I had a night like that last month. posted an ad on CL with my address and left the door unlocked and hung out in my slutty lingerie in the bedroom, being bareback bred by the guys that came over. 4 takers, all dumped up my whore ass.

ended up at the gloyhole that evening still needing cum.